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Foot problems can range from mild discomfort to severe, disabling pain. Evolve Healthcare, a medical practice in Woodland Hills, California, helps improve your podiatric health by taking an integrative approach to individualized treatment plans for every patient. To set up a consultation, call or book an appointment online today.

What is included in podiatry services?

Your feet and ankles are complicated body parts. Many different bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels, nerves, and other tissues work together in a very small area. The team at Evolve Healthcare works to address any podiatry needs you may have. Podiatry conditions treated include:
To determine where your foot pain is coming from and best address any pain, the Evolve Healthcare team works together with you to create an individualized health plan.

What causes foot pain?

A variety of conditions can lead to foot pain, so it’s important to address the cause in order to benefit most from treatment.

The causes of foot pain usually fall into one of two categories:

  • Injury or stress-related foot pain, which comes from a broken bone, a fracture, a sprain, a torn ligament, or some other type of strain in your foot, toes, or ankle.
  • Condition-specific foot pain, which can develop if you’re suffering from an ailment such as diabetes or gout.

Foot pain can become worse if you’re involved in athletics or daily activities that cause constant stress to your feet. It can also develop if you’re wearing narrow shoes, unsupportive shoes, high heels, cramped or small shoes, or if you are wearing footwear that lacks the traction necessary to keep your feet firmly grounded while walking or exercising.

How are foot problems treated?

The team at Evolve Healthcare offers many different options to treat foot and ankle pain including custom orthotics, joint manipulation and, in some cases, minimal incision surgery. Your practitioner can evaluate your feet and create the best treatment plan for you to heal.

Supportive bracing is also an option. This approach works by limiting the range of motion of your foot and ankle while your body’s natural healing process goes to work.

To explore these and other treatment options, schedule a visit at Evolve Healthcare today. Booking is as easy as a phone call or a few moments using the online scheduling tool, so don’t delay.

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